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About MSD Optics - optical components

Welcome to MSD Optics, your trusted ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of premium optical components. Explore our specialized range, including lense blanks, flat polished windows, polished glass ball lenses, spherical lenses and assemblies. Our glass materials come from all over the world, such as Corning, Heraeus, Ohara for quarz glass, Schott, Ohara, Hoya, CDGM for optical glass.

At MSD Optics, we uphold a commitment to excellence, ensuring the highest quality at every stage of production. Our precision-focused approach results in discs with exceptional parallelism for both the top and bottom surfaces, along with a minimal diameter deviation of 1 - 2 µm. This level of accuracy enables our customers to directly reference the finished diameter, eliminating the need for precentered products.

Our facility specializes in crafting lenses ranging from Φ1 to 30 mm. For larger requirements, flat polished windows up to Φ500 are readily available. Additionally, we provide lens blanks as raw materials for various lens productions.


Beyond manufacturing, MSD Optics offers customization services, processing glass according to customer specifications. Leverage our extensive knowledge of the tool market, and let us assist you in sourcing tools or machines for your optical workshop at a cost-effective rate without compromising on quality.

Led by a Belgian General Manager, our highly experienced team of technicians combines the best of both worlds—delivering top-quality products to leading technical companies across Europe while maintaining a cost-effective structure to benefit our valued customers.

For further information or to request our services, please reach out to us. We guarantee a response within 1 business day. MSD Optics is your dedicated partner in optical excellence. 

Optical components - ISO 9001

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Optical components - Cylinders


Range: Φ1 - 500 mm

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Optical components - Cubes and plates

Cubes and plates

Range: 2.5x2.5 - 350x350 mm

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Optical components - Other shapes

Other shapes

Range: oval, round (ball), prism, etc.

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Optical components - Plano lenses

Plano lenses

Round, square or rectangular flat polished windows.
Range: up to Φ500 mm (round) or single side350 mm (square/rectangular)

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Optical components - Spherical lenses

Spherical lenses

Spherical polished lenses
Range: Φ1 - 30 mm

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Optical components - Micro lenses

Micro lenses

Small spherical or flat polished lenses 
Range: starting Φ1 mm

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Optical components - Ball lenses

Ball lenses

Ball lenses (segmented or solid)
Range: Φ1 - 12 mm

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Optical components - Witness samples DSP

Witness samples DSP

Double sided polished witness samples available from stock in a wide variety of glass types
Dimensions: Φ25.0 x 2.0 mm

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Optical components - Witness samples SSP

Witness samples SSP

Single side polished witness samples available from stock in a wide variety of glass types. Glass type and refraction index is engraved on the grinded side. Dimensions: Φ25.0 x 2.0 mm

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Optical components - Witness samples SSP


Single lens manufacturing and assembly

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