Manufacturer of precision optics: lens blanks, spheric lenses, glass balls, protection windows and more

MSD Optics is a ISO 9001:2015 certified (link) manufacturer of optical components. We are specialized in the production of flat polished windozs, glass ball lenses, spherical lenses and assemblies. Additionally, we also produce lens blanks needed for lens productions in a diameter range of 1-400mm made of quartz glasses (Corning among others) as well as all optical glasses produced by Schott, Ohara, Hoya and CDGM. Click here to see which glass types we keep on stock.

We follow the principle of applying the highest quality level in each step of production starting in the very beginning to achieve the highest results in the steps that define the product. The discs we produce distinguish themselves through extreme parallelism for the top and bottom surface of the cylinder as well as a diameter deviation of 1-2um. This precision allows our customers to produce many references directly to the finished diameter instead of needing precentered products.

Our plant is focusing on producing lenses between 1 and 40mm made from lens blanksor glass balls. Flat polished windows are available up to diameter 300 and lens blanks are also offered to a range of customers as raw material to their lens productions. If needed, we also process glass purchased by our customers according to their requirements. Additionally, we support optical producers with our extensive knowledge of the tool market and assist in sourcing activities regarding any type of tool or machine needed in an optical workshop at low cost but with proven track record.

Our team consists of highly experienced technicians with many years of experience in the production of lenses. We have a staff of 25 and is managed by a Belgian General Manager. We are proud to make the best of both worlds and supply products of highest quality to top tier technical companies all over Europe while applying a low-cost structure and forwarding this benefit to our customers.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to receive further information or request a service. We are pleased to get back to you within 1 business day guaranteed.


Future visits

Laser World of Photonics, Munich 2023

June 27–30, 2023

Past visits

Optatec, Frankfurt

Laser World of Photonics, Munich 2022

SPIE, San Francisco 2022

CIOE, Shenzhen 2021


Be a steady and reliable supplier of high quality lens blank cylinders and lenses.


By providing cost-efficient solutions for high quality optical products, we merge the best of China with the best of Europe. Cost-efficiency, speed, reliability and technical expertise combined into one unique mix. A Sino-European partner with the experience to serve both high quality and any batch size products.