Spherical lenses


At MSD, we also produce larger optical lenses with diameters up to 30mm. We use the same high-quality materials and precision manufacturing processes as with our microlenses to create larger lenses that meet your requirements.

Our skilled technicians use diamond turning or traditional grinding and polishing techniques to shape and finish lenses made from various glass materials, including Corning, Heraeus, Ohara, Schott, and CDGM. We can produce any concave and convex geometries.

To ensure optimal performance, our larger lenses undergo rigorous quality control and testing before delivery. We use interferometry, optical centering measurement and visual surface inspection to verify surface accuracy and we guarantee the quality and consistency of our products.

Whether you need larger lenses for research, industry, or other applications, MSD can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about our capabilities.

Micro lenses


Diameter range: 10-30 mm

Irregularity:  λ​ / 5 - 2(0,4)

Surface defects according to ISO10110 : 3x0,1